- PHP (Laravel, Symfony 2 frameworks)
- C# (.NET framework)
- JavaScript (React.js, Angular frameworks)
- mobile native (JAVA, Kotlin, Swift for Android and iOS)
- CMS (Wordpress & Woocommerce)
- UX/UI(Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Our team is a unique combination of artistry and creativity in design and development, with specific tachnical and technological knowledge and hard business realities understanding. With many years of experience our skilled and experienced team can provide full-stack web & mobile solutions to customers across all industries specializing in: CMS (Wordpress, Woocommerce), PHP (Laravel, Symfony 2), C# (.NET), JAVA, Kotlin and Swift (iOS and Android native apps), React.js, Angular (front-end frameworks).

laravel c# javascript react angular java kotlin swift wordpress


A good digital strategy allows us to reach a wide audience and provide the brand with consistent contact with customers through every available channel. Developing an effective strategy requires knowledge and effective tools. Together with you, our Software House will create a brand that stands out from the competition and reaches the recipients through the appropriate communication channels. A well-planned Internet marketing strategy is the key to success in the industry and enables you to achieve your goals.

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The success of the website or application may depend on the appearance and functionality of the interface. UX/UI design allows you to understand and identify the needs of an online community. Based on this knowledge, it is possible to create an intuitive and easy-to-use website that will be visited by users eagerly. Based on the experience gained, we will design a good-looking and useful product that will emphasize the uniqueness of your company.

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A properly designed website and e-commerce store allow you to increase the popularity of the company and its visibility on the Internet. These elements are an important marketing and image tool. Together, we will design and create a website that will be the best showcase of your business. The websites and e-commerce stores created on the basis of popular types of CMS are free of errors. This increase the chances of success in the industry.

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Mobile and web applications are often used as a basic tool for the promotion of a company, enabling it to increase its popularity and strengthen relationship with clients. Entering the application market improves competitiveness and meets the expectations of the online community. We will help you to reach a wide audience and create a clear mobile or webb app with features that allow you to take full advantage of its potential.

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