We are the team of very different personalities and characters, but we share a common passion.

We have created the Blue Owl interactive agency because we believe that by combining our extensive business and marketing knowledge with high technological competence, we are able to help many great people and companies to achieve their business goals.

Since 2010, we have completed hundreds of IT and marketing projects for companies, entrepreneurs and managers all over the world.

Let us share our knowledge and skills with you. Together we will fulfill the most ambitious visions!

Our values:


By providing extremely effective, beautiful and technologically advanced solutions in the area of online marketing, we will open the door for you to achieve your most ambitious business goals.


We exist to use our business knowledge and technological skills in order to support extraordinary people and help them to fulfil their most ambitious business projects.


Thanks to the unique combination of knowledge about people, organizations and technology, by 2025, we will be one of the world's leaders in the field of virtual space marketing.


The uniqueness of the Blue Owl team is determined by the exceptional combination of artistry and creativity in design, with specific technological know-how and knowledge of hard business realities.

Our team consists of excellent business strategists, marketers, analysts, designers and programmers. Together, we create the unique spirit of Blue Owl!

Check the strength of our passion!

Jacek Śledziński

Head of Strategy

A management engineer, strategist, trainer, teacher and adviser with several years of experience, as well as a shareholder, member of management boards and supervisory boards of several capital companies.

He is a specialist in the design and implementation of strategies using tools such as: Lean management, Kaizen, Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Design Thinking. A graduate of engineering and master's studies at the Poznan University of Technology and post-graduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Krzysztof Stola

Head of Design

Entrepreneur, university lecturer, designer, marketer, innovator, enthusiast of
great coffee and vintage motorization.
He is an outstanding specialist in UX/UI Design and certified specialist
methodology Design Thinking. As an enthusiast and bacause of his daily job
he designs and implements websites and web services.
A graduate of renowned Polish i foreign universities School of Form,
Poznań University of Economics, State University of Management Moscow oraz ISCTE
He speaks English, Russian, Polish and Portuguese fluently.

Marek Krupniewski

Head of Dev

Web developer, web services implementer, WordPress and SEO specialist, graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Modern technologies, films, experimental music and contemporary history enthusiast. At work, he tries to understand the client's needs and translate them into the most optimal and functional technical solutions.

Paweł Skibiński

Head of Marketing

An Internet marketing and sales specialist, a certified Google AdWords specialist. Entrepreneur, enthusiast and former martial arts instructor, co-creator of several projects in the field of male-female relationships coaching, enthusiast of South American literature and Argentine tango.

In marketing, he emerges from the position of empathy and deep understanding of the client's needs, which then converts into long-term relationships.


We supplement our own knowledge with the knowledge of our partners. Wherever we need detailed competences that we do not have, we reach for the help of the best specialists dealing with a given issue.

Thanks to long-lasting, proven relationships with our partners, we are able to offer even more!

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Blue Owl is an interactive agency and a software house on an international scale.

Our clients are people with character, above-average ambitions and demands - entrepreneurs, managers and marketers. They represent large and small companies and startups from around the world, including the USA, Great Britain, European Union, Eastern Europe, New Zealand etc.

We have already carried out our projects for clients from such industries as: FMCG, professional services, gastronomy, finances, medicine and many others.

Complete your project with us as well!

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