Style and class

Paulina Świderska, a personal stylist from Poznań, for 3 years is the client of our Digital Agency. Long-term cooperation has allowed us to create her brand as a personal stylist operating on the Poznań market. Fruitful cooperation with Paulina began with creating the brand's value, its mission, vision of development, and then our joint action strategy. As part of the workshop, we have designed a strategy for development and communication, mainly in the area of digital marketing.

Origami dress

Creating a logotype referring to the origami dresses gave rise to the implementation of previously assumed activities. The choice was not accidental - it refers to the business owner’s work, who not only specializes in fashion, but also prepares business cards for the clients for her own. Together, we established the appropriate font and colors and created basic guidelines for the construction of marketing materials, also in the online version. The next step was to design a website referring to our previous activities and developed visualization. The result of our work reflects the spirit of the industry in which Paulina Świderska works, and combines her work and passion.