Professionalism and reliability

Figures is an accounting office in Poznań that, as a member of the Polish consulting group DGA, has been operating on the market for many years. The company offers accounting services as well as support in making business decisions. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious accounting companies in Poznań. The owners have asked our Digital Agency to prepare a project of a functional and clear website.

Readability and modernity

The basic assumption was to create a clear website that emphasizes the professionalism of the company. The website was to look modern and at the same time help the user find the needed information. The project was to be based on the WordPress CMS system. The implementation assumed two foreign language versions and the external software used by the company. The company blog was an important element as well.

Step by step

We started designing the website by thorough analysis of the client's needs. At this stage, the first outlines, guidelines and basic functions that had to be applied appeared. Thanks to this, it was possible to properly design the information architecture. Then, we moved on to create mock-ups showing the content of the website and the proposed layout of the most important functions. After preparing the final version of the schema, taking into account customer's corrections, a graphic design of the entire website was created, which presented a view for both desktop and mobile devices. The next step was front-end and back-end programming. We used the technologies such as: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and PHP. Consultation with the client at every stage of implementation allowed us to prepare a fully-developed website, which we implemented on the client's target server.

The effect of implementation

The Figures website, which is clear and shows the professional character of the company, has been optimized for search engine positioning. According to the client's recommendations, two foreign language versions were created, as well as a blog section maintained by the office's employees. The strength and reliability of the brand reflected on the website was appreciated by the client.