Quality and innovation

Schter is a Polish brand offering electric and petrol saws, lawn mowers and other tools that help to take care of the garden and give it a unique character. The products offered by the company are of high quality, durability as well as innovation. Schter, one of the brands belonging to 4Kraft, proves that gardening can be a real pleasure. The company requested our Digital Agency to create a functional and clear website.

Unique character

The website prepared by our Digital Agency was to present the products available in the offer in a clear and easy to understand way. The project should take into account the client's guidelines regarding content, and ensure that the website has all of the required functions. It was important to link the product pages with online stores where the equipment and tools offered by Schter were available.


The first step to create a website was to analyze the client's needs and discuss what activities are necessary to implement the project. After the information architecture was prepared, it was possible to design the initial outlines of the website in the form of mock-ups. On this basis, the customer could decide what should be changed or improved. Another, very important step was to prepare a graphic design of the entire website, suitable for desktop and mobile devices. After verification of the project by the client, we could move on to the programming of the website based on the WordPress CMS system. The technologies used at this stage include: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. After the usability tests, the final version has been implemented on the target client server.

Encourages to buy

The designed website emphasizes the professionalism of Schter. The applied system makes it easier to find the desired information, mainly about the offered products. Photos and descriptions have been arranged in a way that encourages users to buy. Due to the fact that the website was created on the basis of the WordPress CMS system, its owners have a wide range of editing capabilities of the content.