The Vaka Cruise, a company from the Cook Islands of New Zealand, is one of the most exotic clients of our Digital Agency. The Vaka Cruise is actually the name of the boat and the tour. This local company offers a ride on Aitutaki lagoon which is carried in a special boat typical for the inhabitants of this area. Although the company offers its services only locally, it really works on an international scale, trying to attract people from all around the world. To make this possible, The Vaka Cruise needed a good English-language website that would encourage tourist to visit the Cook Islands. The business owners came to our Digital Agency with a request to create such website.

Beauty and relaxation

The main assumption for The Vaka Cruise website was to reflect the character of the brand. Our task was to combine modernity, beauty of nature and the company's services. The users of the website should be encouraged to visit the Cook Islands by entering it. The visual part of the page was supposed to influence their emotions so that they decided to take advantage of The Vaka Cruise offer. The website should not only enable purchasing a trip, but also, if necessary, booking a full service, along with a flight to Aitutaki island. It would allow the potential client to conveniently organize holidays without having to browse other websites. The combination of a simple form with beautiful photos and functionality was to be the first step to relax.


Knowing the client's needs, which were determined during Skype meetings, we started activities related to website design. We presented the preliminary outline, inspirations, guidelines and the functionality in the form of mock-ups. After accepting them by The Vaka Cruise team, we moved on to the implementation stage. Taking into account the industry exotics, creating full content, designing graphical elements and the overall appearance of the site was pure pleasure. The website was also created considering the needs of mobile devices. The website was based on the WordPress CMS system and implemented on the client's server. At each stage of the work, our activities were consulted with the owners of The Vaka Cruise.

Amazing effect

The user of The Vaka Cruise can not only easily book a trip, find information about the company's services and the travel itself, but also meets an extremely coherent form. The final result of the work is a modern, clear and beautiful website that encourages us to go on holiday. Well-chosen photos, arranged in a harmonious way allow us to know the offer not only from the purely formal side. The lines leading the user through the page make it highly dynamic and also improve UX for the entire website design. Importantly, the website contains all the functionalities required by the client - the contact form, the service reservation panel and the buttons linking to relevant external websites.