Be Fit

West Site Fitness is a network of 3 fitness clubs located in various cities of the Masovian province - Żyrardów, Skierniewice and Ostrołęka. The company has been operating on the market for couple of years and is constantly developing and planning to open branches in other cities in the future. West Site Fitness is a modern club with a very wide offer addressed to different people. In each of the branches there is a fitness room and zones of strength, cardio, relax, SPA and massage. That is why it is a place suitable for everyone - both sportsmen and sports enthusiasts. The company approached our Digital Agency to prepare a coherent website with a number of functionalities helping the potential customer to use it.

Customer in the center of interest

The designed website was supposed to reflect the character of West Site Fitness and to be a combination of such expressions as: modernity, strength, perfection, exclusivity, help and emotions. It was essential not only to create a website appropriate for the given industry, but also a customer-oriented one. It was important for the website to have certain functionalities, i.e. a well-written schedule of activities for the entire month and an external customer panel. The description of all services and the contact form were also crucial. At the same time, our task was to implement a video encouraging the clients to use the club's services. Due to the fact that West Site Fitness operates in three different cities, it was necessary to create a base page leading to subsequent branches. Each site was to have similar functionalities and a coherent structure. At the same time, the pages were to differ in content and colors, specific to each club in these cities.

Vision and implementatnion

The first visions of the project, guidelines and inspirations gave rise to the work on the website. Both in the initial stages of the implementation and during the advanced works, we remained in constant contact with the client in order to have a real impact on the appearance of the website to meet the expectations. Creating a model with functionalities and content allowed us to present the final outline. The website was based on the CMS WordPress system, and as part of the software we used HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and PHP for the back-end development. Employees of the West Site Fitness have been trained on the CMS WordPress system, so that they could make changes to the content by their own, for example in a schedule.

Landing page and subdomains

The result of the work is the base page being an element connecting all of the clubs altogether. From this level one can go to individual subpages of each club. Every website appears on the relevant subdomain. All subpages are a coherent whole and, at the same time, they differ in content and colors. A clear and legible structure that enables browsing through the websites is an undoubted advantage of the project. A person using the services can easily find relevant information, and the potential client can find contact with the club without any major problems. At the same time, the site is well positioned and easy to handle for the West Site Fitness crew.