Lead generation in the EU subsides industry

Innowia Ltd is a company dealing with acquiring European funds, for which we have prepared a full Lead Generation campaign, focusing on activities related to co-financing of eastern Poland regions. Our Digital Agency's work aimed at reaching interested companies. To implement the adopted plan, we used, among others, the Google AdWords tool. The e-mail campaign and personalized LinkedIn InMail messages were also very important. We have also prepared an effective Landing Page.

Social Media Marketing for bicycle strores

For Rooweromania, the client who runs a bicycle and bicycle parts store and a bicycle service, we have carried out a wide Social Media campaign aimed at increasing the visibility of the company on the local market. Our activities supposed to present the potential of the service and a wide range of bikes and parts available in the store. The campaign was based on the use of Facebook, and more specifically the Ad Manager tool, which allowed us to precisely target to a specific area around the physical store - Poznań, Naramowice.

Lead Generation in the consulting industry

For our business partner - the company Greenhat, we have conducted a large-scale lead generation campaign for the design audit service. Our campaign was directed primarily at large manufacturing companies located in eastern Poland. Digital marketing activities were based on preparing Landing Page as well as professional e-mailing. During the marketing work, we used tools such as LinkedIn Ads and Google AdWords.

E-mail marketing in the publishing industry

Forum Media Inc, a publishing company, has approached our Digital Agency with a request to prepare a professional online marketing campaign. Using the Design Thinking methods, we have developed a customer persona - a potential recipient of the company's offer. Then we have chosen the right target group. In the next step, using the Infusionsoft software, we carried out mailing campaign, which obtained the following results: 12% OR and 2% CTR. The campaign created by our Digital Agency resulted in increasing sales of semi-annual subscriptions of industry magazines.

Social Media Marketing in the PMI conference promotion

We have been cooperating with PMI Poland, i.e. the Project Management Institute, for many years. It is an international non-profit organization that brings together project management experts. As one of the partners, we were asked to help with the promotion of the 2nd Polish Conference on Project Management. Our goal was to gather 300 people willing to take part in the conference, which took place in Poznań. In the promotional campaign, we used the FB tool - Audience Insights. Using the list of e-mail addresses of people present at previous PMI meetings, we managed to collect the planned number of participants. Our operation was based on using the Lookalike Audience function and on creating infographics.