Child safety is the most important

Kinderkraft is one of the largest companies in Poland specializing in the production of accessories for children. The company, which has been present on the Poznań market for many years, operates on the European Union market and in China, and will also approach the United States soon. The company came to our Digital Agency with a request to create a more modern version of the website, that will promote Kinderkraft products and increase the visibility on the Internet - the task included also making a parenting blog.


The main task of our Digital Agency was to prepare a new website design that met strictly defined guidelines. The website was to be filled with several key elements such as: newsletter panel, product slider and category and product pages. Due to the activity outside of Poland, the client ordered 5 language versions of the website. There were also some additions to the website, including a blog and links referring to articles in the press.


We started the design from analyzing our client's needs and discussing which of the proposed solutions will allow us to create a popular web page. Thanks to such meetings, a well-designed information architecture could be created, which is the basis of the website. The next step was to prepare mockups allowing to present the website and its functionality. After the corrections, our Digital Agency prepared a graphic design for the entire page, suitable for desktop and mobile use. When the project was accepted by the client, we started the front-end and back-end programming based on the following technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. Eventually, the website, based on the WordPress CMS system, was implemented on the target server.

Tastefully and clear

The result of our Agency's work is a clear and tasteful website, with a pop-up, 2-level menu that helps users to find the information or products they need. An extensive blog encourages clients to visit the website again, and linked articles about Kinderkraft emphasize the popularity and credibility of the company. The colors and typography used to create the website fully correspond to the company's visual identity book.