Modernity and simplicity

Amazonas, a company owned by Polish-Brazilian marriage, specializes in the retail sale of surprisingly modern and one-of-a-kind hammocks. This young, dynamically developing company has recently entered the European market with its unique range of products, which allows the buyer to move directly to the jungle. The owners of Amazonas asked our Digital Agency to prepare a full marketing strategy as well as a website.

Energy and uniqueness

The prepared logotype was the basis for starting our activities. The assumption was clear - to create a coherent website and an e-commerce store. The whole should refer to the Amazonas logo. The website was supposed to promote the newly created brand of hammocks and encourage to visit the online store. Clearly defined functionalities, online payments and discount actions were meant to make it easier for the future Amazonas customer. Our task was also to create a website that would refer to products offered by the brand.

Step by step

Our work began with talking to the client about his needs. We have analyzed the business, got to know the vision of Amazonas owners, their demands, functionality, the outcome they want to achieve and we proposed some solutions. Our meetings brought first results - the information architecture of the target site and the online store was created. Then we moved on to designing the page views in the mock-up form, we proposed specific solutions and activities in the field of content marketing. In the next step, the whole site was prepared, suitable for both desktop and mobile views. We consulted each stage of the work with the client whose vision was an important factor for us. The website prepared by our Digital Agency was based on the WordPress CMS system, and the online store was created with the use of the WooCommerce platform. In addition, employees of Amazonas have undergone training in CMS WordPress and WooCommerce platform, so that they can independently add new content and manage the store in the future.

Clear and oriental

Our extensive activities have allowed us to design and then build a service that fully reflects the nature and uniqueness of Amazonas. Prepared e-commerce shop, logotype and graphics constitute a coherent whole, referring to the oriental nature of the company's offer. At the same time, the website is clear and legible, and the online store is very functional, both for the customer and the seller who manages it.