New possibilities

DONMET, a manufacturer of metal cutting and welding equipment, has decided to launch a wide distribution on the Polish market. This long-standing company has a factory in Ukraine in Donbas and thrives in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. For some time it also has its headquarters and product warehouse in Poland, from where other countries are served - including Romania, Portugal and the Baltic countries. The company came to our agency with a request to create a website and an e-commerce store targeted at customers from Poland and other European Union countries.

Online store

The task of our Digital Agency was to prepare a website and an online store that would meet the options demanded by the client. The website was supposed to be an information point about the company, it should have contained guidelines for contact and redirection to an e-commerce store, which was the most important point of the project. First of all, the online store was to be readable for the future user - the division into categories, easy search and sorting of the offer was a priority for our client. The website was supposed to emphasize the sales character and the value and quality of welding equipment offered by the factory. Due to the international distribution, the client ordered the additional language versions of the website.


An in-depth analysis of customer needs and assumptions was the first step taken by our Digital Agency. Skype meetings and phone conversations allowed us to know the specific character of the area in which DONMET operates, what its needs are, what should be emphasized and which aspects are not important. After presenting the first visualizations, functionalities and inspirations, the information architecture of the target website and the online store were created. Preparing the mock-up and content gave rise to more detailed work on the website. Our goal was to create a website that would be easy to use and clear - both for people using computers and mobile devices. The design of the website was based on the WordPress CMS system, and the store on the easy-to-use WooCommerce platform. It will allow DONMET employees to run the online store by themselves in the future.

The effect of implementation

An attractive, clear and modern e-commerce platform, referring to the welding industry and fully emphasizing the values represented by DONMET, was appreciated by the client. Optimizing the website and online store in terms of SEO, also in the mobile environment, allowed us to increase the popularity of the brand on the European market. The solutions we used, including sliders and presentations, showed the brand's offer, encouraging potential customers to buy.