A new quality of teaching

Trainbrain, a training company from Poznań, with whom we have been cooperating on the B2B level for years, specializes in the field of soft skills training. This is a unique client - members of our team for many years, during trainings organized by Trainbrain, appear as trainers in the areas of marketing and design. The company offers various types of training for both individuals and companies. A wide range of services and a change in the Trainbrain operating profile were a turning point that contributed to implementation of a new website and promotion, and this is what our Digital Agency specializes in.

Model change

The main assumption of the implemented project was to create a website that corresponds to current market needs. At the same time, it should reflect the actual activity of Trainbrain, taking into account all aspects of its work, which have recently changed slightly due to business transformation. It was also necessary to prepare an online store, allowing future clients to purchase individual training. The company, which trained mainly the B2C segment on open trainings before the transformation, is now focusing on meetings from the B2B segment. Still, it is about maintaining an individual offer, and the solution is an online store. It was important not only to create a clear site, but also to introduce many functionalities, including the blog run by Trainbrain.

Next stages

The initial design of the website and the inspiration to create mock-ups were presented to the customer who gave us some guidelines and expectations regarding its functionality. In the next step, the full architecture of the website and the online store was created, however the second part of the project, being in some way an additional element, was implemented in the second place. Showing the deployment of functionality and the entire content of the website and the store was the next stage of our activities. After that we moved on to the implementation of the design, planning the site in various versions, including mobile. The whole website was created in the CMS WordPress system, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP, and the store was developed using the WooCommerce platform.

Conveniently and practically

The Trainbrain website created by our Digital Agency meets all of the clients’ needs - both individual and large companies, on whose needs we focused. The prepared website is a large service consisting of many elements and containing a number of systematized information. The company's main website is addressed to the B2B segment, and the online store was created primarily for individual clients, i.e. B2C segment. The e-commerce store allows the visitor to conveniently register for one of the open trainings at any time, without leaving home.