Digital marketing

Digital marketing, known also as Internet or online marketing is a form of the marketing that uses the Internet and websites as a basic medium. All of the actions undertaken in this field allow it to increase the company’s visibility on the Internet and create a strong connection and a relationship between a brand and a customer.

How can we help you? Taking into consideration needs of your business, we will create a strategy that will allow you to succeed in the online world. We know how to plan a campaign to reach to the specified group of customers. Our well-trained and experienced team suggest solutions that enable you to stand out in every industry regardless of whether it is a classic website or an e-commerce shop. We will help you in choosing right forms and channels of advertising.


- SEO and SEM campaigns,
- E-mail marketing,
- Lead generation,
- Whisper marketing,
- Marketing automation,
- AdWords and AdSense campaigns,
- Influencer marketing,
- Integrated campaigns.

“Modern technology gives almost infinite possibilities acquiring customers. Every zloty well invested in on-line marketing can be returned in a ratio of 1: 1000. Magic? No - science.”

Paweł Skibinski
- Head of Marketing


SEO and SEM campaign

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes actions that main role is to place websites on the highest positions in the limited search engine's results while using specific keywords. A constantly updated algorithm has an influence on the position of websites in the search engine.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to promotional activities that are used to improve website’s visibility in the search engine. Search engine marketing is often described by an equation: SEM = SEO + PPC (Pay Per Click). Actions that are undertaken in this direction include: positioning, sponsored links campaigns and websites optimizations (that are using the possibilities of Google AdWords).

e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is considered as an effective and inexpensive channel of the Internet marketing which uses e-mail as a communication's tool. Main actions in this field include: creating lasting relationships with customers, increasing sales, building a desired image of the brand (or the company) and acquiring loyal clients.

E-mail marketing includes:
- Creating, managing and expanding the database of e-mail addresses,
- Preparing the content and the look of e-mails,
- Sending finished e-mails,
- Feedback services.

lead generation

The purpose of the lead generation is to increase interest in the offer and to create the database of potential customers thanks to sales lead (through the use of various technologies, tools and marketing strategies).

What is the lead? That concept describes a potential client who is interested in the service or is looking for certain solutions. The lead generation is possible thanks to the database of e-mail addresses, newsletters, apps in social media and dedicated landing pages.

content marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that depends on acquiring new customers by publishing practical and attractive contents on the Internet. Their purpose is to arouse the interest of specific customers. Content marketing refers to all of the content published and distributed on the Internet: articles, infographics, podcasts, reports, webinars etc. The purpose of the undertaken actions in the marketing, except for the increase of the brand’s popularity, is the website optimization for search engines.

whisper marketing

The aim of the whisper marketing is to reach the selected customers and to provide them with information about the product or the service that they are interested in. Promotional activities in this field can be conducted by users of the ordinary forum or discussion groups in social media. The whisper marketing allows us to increase sales and recognition of the brand on the Internet as well as quick response to false information about the company.

360 marketing

Integrated campaigns 360 are based on the use of communication channels and marketing tools that are integrated with each other. In comparison with taking single, unrelated to each other actions, it allows us to obtain better results. Constant development of technologies and new media gives us the opportunity to create complex marketing plans with the use of different types of communication tools with current and potential clients.

In order for the planned integrated campaign 360 to be successful, it is important to observe the behavior and the reactions of the clients as well as to thoroughly analyze the effects of their actions.